Engineering Services

  • Quality

    Providing assurances at every stage.¬†Reliability in delivery depends upon the management of the systems and processes employed. We can help you deliver the highest quality…

  • Experience

    Experience in all quarters With decades¬†of project engineering and construction within our group, our most valuable asset is our experience. The members of our team…

  • Reliability

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Pipeline Research

Extending the operational capabilities of low value assets is at the core of our business. Using the application of modern engineering tools and science, we can provide low cost options for challenging pipeline construction operations. This includes deepwater pipelay with shallow water assets, and innovative shore approach solutions.

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Project Management

With many years of construction management experience within our team, we can offer support or complete management of all phases of construction operations, including planning, subcontracts and procurement management, project engineering and even independent verification services.

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Environmental Sciences

Working in one of the most regulated industries in the world requires an ecological conscious approach to engineering projects. By applying modern material sciences and high value analytical optimisations to our engineering, we can help you plan operations that are ecologically sound from the ground up, allowing for truly sustainable operations.

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